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Payment Policy

The Payment Policy below forms an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use.

1. Identification

This site is owned, maintained and operated by Latitude 13 Cafés Especiais, with address at Rua Doutor João Pondé, nº 378, Barra, CEP 40140-810, Salvador/BA, registered with CNPJ under nº 10.379.326/0002- 06, with state registration No. 086.390.969.

2. Contact – SAC LATITUDE 13

If the User needs any information, clarification or assistance regarding this Payment Policy, Latitude 13 Cafés Especiais makes SAC LATITUDE 13 available to receive all communications that the User wishes to make. SAC LATITUDE 13 operates through the communication channels listed below: (a) In person, at our unit located at Rua Doutor João Pondé, 378, Barra, Salvador – BA, from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and On Saturdays from 8am to 12pm; (b) By telephone (71) 3331-8686 and (71) 99242-9665, during opening hours; (c) By email on, always accompanied by the consumer's contact information, so that we can finalize the service. In all cases, the User will receive, through the same communication channel, an immediate confirmation of receipt of his request, which will be treated and answered within a maximum period of 5 (five) days. In addition, Latitude 13 Cafés Especiais makes available on this website a section with the other policies:  Privacy and Cookies Policy, Shipping Policy, Exchanges and Returns Policy and Payment Policy. All these documents can be consulted online or downloaded by users in PDF format for offline consultation and archiving.

3. Means of payment

3.1. Credit card
3.1.1. The customer may choose to pay with the Credit Card in their name, either as the holder or dependent, through the PagSeguro or Wix Payments service.
3.1.2. Credit Card payments via PagSeguro accept the following brands: American Express, Aura, Banese Card, Cabal, Diners, Elo, FortBrasil, Grand Card, Hiper, Hipercard, Mais, Mastercard, Personal Card, Soro Cred, Vale Card, Up Brazil, Visa and Volus.
3.1.3. Credit Card payment via Wix Payments accepts the following brands: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Jcb, Discover and Hipercard.
3.1.4. The deadline for acceptance of the request is up to 48 hours from the date of approval of the payment by the banking institution.
3.1.5. Purchases can be paid in up to 2 equal installments plus fees.
3.1.6. To use your credit card, just choose this payment method when closing your purchase order. Next, you must enter your card details as requested.

3.2. Bank slip
3.2.1. The term of the bank slip is 2 (two) days and its payment must be in cash, in a single installment and in the total amount of the Purchase made.
3.2.2. Confirmation of receipt of the amount will occur within 3 (three) business days from the expiration of the bank slip.
3.2.3. The order will proceed to the shipping flow after confirmation of receipt of payment by Latitude 13 Cafés Especiais.
3.2.4. The order will be automatically canceled in case of non-payment or payment with a different amount than that shown in the bank slip.

3.3. Payment with Pix
3.3.1. Pix transactions cannot be made with a credit card.
3.3.2. Customer will have 15 minutes to pay with Pix and can choose to scan a QR Code or copy and paste the code provided in the bank app. If time runs out, the Pix code expires and the Customer needs to order again to receive a new code. If this happens, the customer will also have the option to select a different payment method.

4. Purchase Order

4.1. Latitude 13 Cafés Especiais provides a descriptive page for each product, with information regarding the characteristic, composition, origin, stock availability, payment conditions and total price in cash and in installments.
4.2. After choosing the product, the Customer will be directed to the cart and will be able to view: the product, the quantity chosen, the value, as well as calculate the freight. After viewing the data, it will be necessary to identify the delivery or withdrawal information and choose the payment method.
4.3. Latitude 13 Cafés Especiais will immediately send an email to the Customer indicating the Purchase number, the product, the quantity, the price, the freight cost, in case of shipment, or address for collection, the means of payment and the estimated time for delivery or collection.
4.4. After completing the purchase, as a security measure, Latitude 13 Cafés Especiais will not accept changes to the payment method, product, product quantity, delivery location, registration data and delivery date or shift.
4.5. To change the means of payment for Purchases made through a bank slip, just do not make your payment and the slip will be automatically cancelled. After that, just redo the Purchase and choose the payment method of your choice among those available on the Site.
4.6. During the Purchase process, an estimated time for delivery of the product will be informed considering: the product, its quantity, the available stock and the delivery address informed by the Customer.
4.7. The delivery period will be counted from the date of approval of the payment by the banking institutions and may vary according to the means and method of payment chosen.
4.8. Orders with a delivery request by the Customer will be sent and the freight will be calculated by Correios, following the Shipping Policy.

4.9. Store Pickup Orders

4.9.1. Orders with Store Pickup will be released by Latitude 13 after confirmation of payment and separation in stock.
4.9.2. For orders with In-Store Pickup, the Customer must wait to receive the email informing that the purchase is now available for pickup.
4.9.3. Orders with Pickup in Store must be picked up only at the Espaço Conjunto Latitude 13 unit, located at Rua Doutor João Pondé, nº 378, Barra, CEP 40140-810, Salvador/BA, CEP 40140-810.
4.9.4. The withdrawal must be made between 8:30h and 17:00h from Monday to Friday.
4.9.5. For withdrawal, confirmation of the Customer's identity and presentation of the order number will be required.

5. Payment Security

5.1. The Purchase may be canceled if there is any non-compliance related to any data provided by the Customer.
5.2. For more specific information, consult our Privacy and Security Policy.

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