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Because every moment is unique

Mão segurando grãos de café arábica da Latitude 13 dispostos em formato de coração, simbolizando a paixão pelo café de qualidade.


Coffee made with love.
And for our people.

Latitude 13 was born from the dream of offering the Brazilian market the same high quality coffees produced for over 20 years on our farms in Chapada Diamantina and exported to Europe, the United States and Asia. They are superior quality beans cultivated, harvested, selected and roasted following the most rigorous techniques and the highest technology in the world coffee growing market, sold throughout Brazil and to all Brazilians.

Imagem da Terra com um planta , para representar a sustentabilidade da Latitude 13


Latitude 13 coffees are produced using the most modern processes of sustainable cultivation and management. Through the planting of native trees among the coffee plantations, recovery and preservation of native forest, treatment and reuse of water and waste generated by coffee processing, we guarantee sustainability in each bean.


And we also promote sustainability in the lives of people who make up Latitude 13, through the social and economic appreciation of our workers with educational and digital inclusion projects for the local community.

Logotipo da Latitude 13 destacando nossa tradição em cafés finos.

Why is the Latitude 13 so special?

Our coffees are carefully cultivated, harvested, selected and roasted by the producers themselves on our Progresso and Aranquan farms, which allows absolute control and the guarantee of a high quality product from the field to the cup.


All this in the heart of Chapada Diamantina, at an ideal altitude, combining characteristics of soil and climate that determine one of the best "terroirs" on the planet for the production of quality Arabica coffee. It is within ideal conditions, in the geographical position 13° 24' 41'' South, that the Latitude 13 special coffee grows.

Detalhe da rica crema do Café Especial Latitude 13 na xícara, destacando a qualidade superior da bebida.

Drinking a special coffee is living a sensorial experience.

It is tasting a noble drink, with a complexity of aromas and flavors that balance sweetness and acidity very harmoniously.


Latitude 13 Special Coffees comes straight from its farms that produce special beans, going through carefully developed and monitored processes, until it reaches your cup, ready to surprise the most demanding palates.

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