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From cultivation to the cup, the best of specialty coffee

Xícara de café Latitude 13 cercada por grãos de café cereja recém-colhidos, evidenciando a frescura do produto.

Latitude 13 specialty coffee is born directly from the care of our producers' hands. All steps, from cultivation to packaging, are supervised by those who breathe, live and love coffee on two farms located in the heart of Chapada Diamantina - Bahia. Places that bring together the perfect environment, where the exuberant beauty of nature combines with a combination of climate, soil, altitude and latitude ideal for the growth and maturation of the best Arabica coffee cherries. A "magical" region for the production of highly differentiated grains, among the best in Brazil.




Heart and vocation in the cultivation of the land

Verdantes arbustos de café arábica crescendo sob o sol da Chapada Diamantina na fazenda Latitude 13.

Founded by the Borré family, who migrated from the south of Brazil to the region of Ibicoara - Bahia in 1984, the history of Fazenda Progresso brings together passion, obstinacy and a high knowledge of agricultural cultures. With a vast total area dedicated to coffee production, which began in 2005 and found ideal conditions at an average altitude of 1,150m and an average temperature range of 10ºC, with hot days and cold nights. A perfect environment for the production of Catuaí 144 red and Topázio Amarelo arabica coffee varieties.


From 60 to 70% of the harvest is done manually and all processing steps rely on state-of-the-art equipment. It is from the best batches of each harvest at Fazenda Progresso that Latitude 13 Café Especiais is born.




Organic and biodynamic farming that nourishes soil and life

Trabalhador da Latitude 13 operando maquinário agrícola para manutenção sustentável dos cafezais.

Specialty, organic and biodynamic coffees are  part of the history of Fazenda Aranquan since 1998, when Luca Giovanni Allegro, Master in International Trade from George Washington University, took over his father's property, located between the municipalities of Mucugê and Ibicoara - Bahia, and dedicated to ecological and quality coffee growing.


The harvest is manual and selective, with several passages through the plant, harvesting only perfectly ripe beans. With a focus on the foreign market, the coffees exported by Fazenda Aranquan soon gained notoriety in the 2000s, being selected by the Vatican and conquering restaurants of renowned Chefs, such as the famous Jamie Oliver, in London - UK. Together with his wife, Juli Allegro, they decided to deliver this highly selected coffee to the domestic market. Thus, Latitude 13 Cafés Especiais was born.


The coffee seedlings are produced by nurseries on the farms, allowing control over the quality to be produced.

We use the fruits of our best coffee plants for the production of seeds.

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Plantio cuidadoso de novas mudas de café pela equipe Latitude 13, garantindo a continuidade da qualidade.


Done in two steps. In the first, the coffees remain for 24 hours on a cement terrace, exposed to the sun and wind.


In the second, the coffee is removed from the yard and placed in mechanical dryers, respecting the drying time of the fruits.

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Grãos de café Latitude 13 espalhados ao sol para secagem, seguindo métodos tradicionais para um sabor perfeito.


To find the point that best enhances the coffee's attributes, the "Roasting Curve" is monitored in each batch, using modern devices and sensors while the master roaster performs the visual analysis, feeling the aromas and following the changes in the bean during the process.

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Proprietário da Latitude 13 inspecionando pessoalmente o processo de torra para garantir um perfil de sabor ideal.


Manual and selective in almost 70% at Fazenda Progresso and 100% at Fazenda Aranquan, with several passages through the plant, selecting the mature grains, which are separated, washed, peeled and demucilated before going on to drying.

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Colheita manual de grãos de café arábica por experiente trabalhador da Latitude 13, selecionando apenas os melhores frutos.


After strict batch control, the beans are taken to a modern tasting room and quality laboratory at Fazenda Progresso, where they are analyzed by a “taster”, who assigns the grades and classification of each batch.

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Especialista em café da Latitude 13 realizando a prova de qualidade para assegurar a excelência de cada lote.


The coffee finally goes to the packaging process and is distributed to reach your cup perfectly, enhancing every nuance of the complex coffees of our Chapada Diamantina - Bahia.

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Xícara de café Latitude 13 em destaque com grãos de café torrados ao lado, pronta para servir uma experiência única.
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