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Reveal, explore, control, discover. Transform coffee through roasting.

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Understand all the fundamentals of roasting: process; transformations; structure of green and roasted coffee; and the chemistry of the process. Acquire knowledge about the various types of equipment, including their operation and maintenance.


Investment: BRL 1,650

Payment methods

Bank transfer

Credit card4x(interest-free)

100% positive ratings

Limited Vacancies

Hours: 20h

Certificate upon completion of the course (upon approval)


Program content

  1. Concepts of Density, Porosity, Granulometry, Humidity and Defects)

  2. Processing Types and Techniques

  3. Grain Ownership

  4. Roasting in Theory and Practice: Principles, Definitions, Roasting Profiles, Temperature Control, Time and Air Flow, Chemical Reactions, Safety, Roasting Blends, Differences between Roasters, Sample Roasting and Common Mistakes;

  5. Roasting and Practicing: Functioning, operating, cleaning and maintaining the machine

  6. Understanding roasting software

  7. Developing the Profile

  8. Analysis, Cupping and Roasting

Discover the full itinerary:

From Cultivation to Knowledge

Come and experience the whole process we went through to make Latitude 13 a special cafe. We have the entire structure and state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate learning. Find an environment where special coffee is selected, roasted, prepared and served, in addition to learning from professionals in the market.




The best coffee extraction and preparation techniques

or cappuccino

Learn from those who know the best coffee extraction and cappuccino techniques. It's your chance to become a professional in the field or an expert Coffee Lover! This course grants you the Barista Certificate and comprises 4 theoretical and practical modules.


latte art

The cafe decoration: hearts, tulips and rosettas overflowing with emotions.

The presentation goes beyond beauty: it adds quality and value to the drinks. In this course, we demonstrate the techniques of "Latte Art" stimulating the development of milk steaming techniques and transmitting methods of decorating drinks in the cup

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