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latte art

The cafe decoration: hearts, tulips and rosettas overflowing with emotions.

The presentation goes beyond beauty: it adds quality and value to the drinks. In this course, we demonstrate the techniques of “Latte Art” stimulating the development of milk steaming techniques and transmitting methods of decorating drinks in the cup.


Investment: BRL 420

Payment methods

Bank transfer

Credit card2x(interest-free)

100% positive ratings

Limited Vacancies

Credit Hours: 10h

Certificate upon completion of the course (upon approval)


Program content

  1. Milk: types, crema, base.

  2. Milk steaming: techniques and observations

  3. Flow of Milk: Exercises and Mastery

  4. Monk Head: exploring the technique

  5. Foundations and recognition of Latte Art

  6. Preparation of Cappuccinos in official competition standards

  7. Drawing hearts, tulips and rosettas

  8. Various graphics and designs

  9. developing creativity

  10. Cleaning and organizing the machine and workspace




The best coffee extraction and preparation techniques

or cappuccino

Learn from those who know the best coffee extraction and cappuccino techniques. It's your chance to become a professional in the field or an expert Coffee Lover! This course grants you the Barista Certificate and comprises 4 theoretical and practical modules.



Reveal, explore, control, discover. transform the

coffee through the roast.

Understand all the fundamentals of roasting: process; transformations; structure of green and roasted coffee; and the chemistry of the process. Acquire knowledge about the various types of equipment, including their operation and maintenance.

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